Complete Site Audit: Make Your Site Effective!

Did not get the expected profits from a website? Then it is time to ask for Seomarket’s help!

Complete SEO audit services offered by Seomarket will be an ideal business solution for all companies seeking effective marketing strategies and the best e-commerce practices for a quick development of their online projects.

Get a detailed overview of your website that can help to improve its visibility for search engines readability for a target audience. After completing a SEO audit of the website, we will provide you with a checklist containing recommendations on how to improve your site’s with drastic implementations giving successful results in traffic, leads and search engines. Hire us to make a significant change for better!

What we check during SEO audit of your website?
The detailed audit is the first step in improving any website to make it friendlier to organic search engine optimization. Such audit is the basis of the search engine success. Only professionally worked SEO audit can help to increase the site’s rank from page 5 to page 1 on the SERPs.

To achieve such results our team of experts will run SEO audit of your site in such way:

  1. Technical audit – focuses on revealing and fixing any technical problems like page errors, bad site architecture, coding issues, etc.
  2. Visibility check – how many pages were indexed, removal of duplicate content and checking keyword targeting.
  3. Linking audit – checking internal and external linking strategies.
  4. Profound competitor analysis with side-by-side benchmarking.
  5. Review of content and copywriting checking.
  6. Design and usability review along with checking browser compatibility and in-depth page analysis.

Considering the results, we offer a list of suggestions you can execute on your own or continue to sue the help of our experts. SEO audit is supplemented with the business enhancement solutions. Besides showing you the mistakes making your site’s visibility low, we offer techniques and strategies that can easily and quickly improve the situation. Improve your website after SEO audit with the following expert techniques offered by the Seomarket team:

  • A thorough Keyword Targeting for getting organic search traffic;
  • Improved Title/H Tags;
  • Audited and improved Description and Keyword Metatags for encouraging click-throughs;
  • Increased Content Uniqueness;
  • Keyword-focused On-site Links;
  • Increasing the number of useful for SEO Image Alt Tags;
  • Making sure there is No Duplicate Content;
  • Improved readability;
  • Implemented CTA (Call to Action) on each website page.

SEO Audit by Seomarket ensures the long-term efficient results! Long-term results in a case of partnership with Seomarket are not just empty words. We give guarantees that complete SEO audit will help to increase the number of conversions and implement your site in search engines. Call us now to get all advantages Seomarket can offer its customers!