Google’s Penguin & Panda Recovery!

Google’s latest penalty updates Panda or Penguin destroyed your work because the website was banned? There is no need to worry about this problem because Seomarket experts know how to get rid of these penalties for good. Our professional team will gladly analyze your web project, give recommendations and provide changes to recover lost traffic, rankings, leads and sales.

What are Google’s Panda and Penguin penalties?
Google Penguin & Panda are stand for the algorithmic website penalties. Since February 2011, Google Panda penalizes those websites that have the low-quality content. Google Penguin penalty is active since April 2012 and it bans websites that intentionally or unintentionally contain the content classified as “web-spam” (including keyword stuffing and prepaid link building).

How does Seomarket team remove Panda and Penguin penalties?
To perform a thorough Panda and Penguin recovery we use an individual approach because the reasons that led to penalties may significantly vary. After a complete and comprehensive SEO audit of your website our experts will start to fix the problem by getting rid of forbidden coding, checking a website’s structure, reviewing on-page content and checking in-bound links profile. We also give recommendations how to make your web project better after these improvements.

Check if your website was banned by Google’ s Panda and Penguin penalties:

  • There is a quick and unexplained decrease of leads and traffic.
  • You have received an alert message in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • You can’t find your website when you google its URL.

All these sings means that you require a preliminary SEO and website audit from Seomarket. Contact us today to get rid of penalties making you lose money every hour. Swift actions are required here, so do not hesitate to ask the professional help for getting all things fixed ASAP.