Yandex.Direct Management by Certified Professionals

Every day we are attacked by strong flood of information! We have learned to filter thoroughly the endless stream of advertisements from various sources. So now, more than ever, the ability to use all promotional tools in right way isn’t only a way to keep “floating”, but also a mean of picking up the company to the next level! Indeed, the number of Internet users is growing every day, and among them are those who are interested in your products or services. However, the unlimited opportunities of the Internet can remain just dreams, if you don’t know how to plan your promotional activities and address it in the right direction. We are here to help you with this!

What is Yandex.Direct?
This is contextual advertising, which is aimed to attract new customers quickly and, therefore, increasing sales like a shot.

What are Yandex.Direct benefits?

  • Payment just for results! You don’t pay for ads showing, but only for the transfer to your site (pay per click on your ad);
  • Only your targeted traffic! The audience is monitored and ad is shown only to people who are already interested in your product / service;
  • You choose your own clients! In the settings you can specify the location of your potential customers, their language, interests, age, time of day when ads are shown;
  • The budget that you are willing to allocate for your advertising, you define yourself!

Where will be your ads will displayed?

  • In the results of Yandex search;
  • On the pages of the Yandex Advertising Network participants sites;
  • On the pages of Yandex Catalog;
  • On the search results pages of Yandex Maps, business directory, blogs, Yandex Market;
  • On the pages of Yandex.Direct.

Yandex.Direct audience.
Daily audience of Ads is estimated over 50 million people! Among them are your potential customers!

What can we do for you?

  • Reviewing requests and making a list of keywords for which the ad will be displayed;
  • Selecting from this list only the most effective. A key request must hit the bull’s-eye!
  • Creating your ad according to all the rules of online advertising. Well-written message is the key to success;
  • Set the required parameters of targeting potential customers;
  • Start an advertising campaign!