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What innovations did AdWords bring us in 2013?

The outgoing year 2013 showed us how difficult it is to keep abreast of changes in the algorithms of Google AdWords advertising campaigns and to keep pace with progress, dictated by its developers. The year also identified the urgent need to keep an eye toward the future changes in the upcoming year. In order to have a clearer idea of the recent hyperactivity of AdWords developers, that has significantly transformed the most popular contextual advertising service, here is a list of the main innovations introduced in 2013:

  • Introduction of enhanced campaigns in AdWords account, which allow to fulfill complex marketing tasks on a variety of devices and to use their specific features – for example, when viewing the ad on your smartphone you can indicate an interactive phone number to be contacted quickly to take advantage of this or that service.
  • Bid adjustment for mobile devices with enhanced campaigns. This function allows setting individual bids for ads displayed on mobile devices.
  • Bulk uploads for the ads and ad groups may simplify their processing and save time and efforts for other activities. Termination of direct import of advertising campaigns from Yandex.Direct into Google AdWords.
  • AdWords representatives explain this by continuous improvement of their service and withdrawal from obsolete functions.
  • Ability to manage sitelinks description in Google AdWords enhanced campaigns. The sitelinks make ads more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Expansion of the compare dates tool, which allows to compare the statistic data of advertising campaigns for certain time periods. This expansion is integrated in most of the Google AdWords metrics.
  • Introduction of conversion efficiency metric. Charts for five major metrics characterizing the efficiency of conversion are now available in Google AdWords accounts.
  • Simplified launch of video ad campaigns. Now it comprises only four main stages.
  • Tracking statistic data for certain time periods on Google AdWords charts. Trend identification became easier.
  • Launch of a new Paid & Organic Report. You can compare and analyze clicks and impressions statistics together with Google organic statistics.
  • Implementation of Cross-account Conversion Tracking and Cross-account Search Funnels tools.They enable to track conversions in the number AdWords accounts.
  • Substitution of the Keyword Tool for Keyword Planner. This feature has simplified the creation of advertising campaigns due to the combination of keyword tips and traffic estimator functions in keyword planner.
  • Launch of AdWords Conversion Import tool – this tool allows to track any influence of the sellers’ ads on the volume of offline sales.
  • Addition of conversion estimation feature into Google AdWords Bids Simulator. With this function,you can roughly estimate conversions for a certain bid.
  • Setting the time period when tracking conversions. Now you can calculate the number of conversions for a period from 7 to 90 days.
  • Addition of Estimated Total Conversions feature. With this tool, you can determine the approximate number of conversions in the result of the clicks from different types of devices.
  • Improvement of Ad Rank Algorithm. Henceforth, the use of ad extensions is taken into account.
  • Launch of a new type of campaign – Search Network with Display Select – that allows to reach awider target audience.
  • Optimization tab was updated – now there are a lot of tips to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Introduction of a new targeting feature – In-Market Buyers – in Google Display Network. This innovation allows you to target users who are the most susceptible to the purchase of goods. Addition of Undo button allowing to roller back any changes in the settings.

Summing up the changes in 2013, we can say that the number of tools for managing successful advertising campaign is growing steadily due to the efforts of Google AdWords developers. Tools that Google AdWords puts into the hands of the marketers, are similar to the high-precision weapons that are able to focus on those Internet users who are truly interested in a particular ad.

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