Effective A/B Split Testing By Seomarket!

Most PPC campaigners use A/B split testing on purpose or sometimes even without knowing it. Every time you try 2 variations of the same ad to find out what version will get the highest click rate you basically do A/B split testing. The idea of this technique is very simple. However, practically every beginner does A/B split testing unsuccessfully without getting any positive results. That is when Seomarket’s team of Google AdWords experts can help you.

Why do you need expert A/B split testing?
A good A/B split test can help to improve the highest conversion rates. This means you can get more income eventually by converting visitors into buyers. Sounds good, but to achieve this goal you may require professional help.

Our qualified Google AdWords experts know exactly how A/B split test works and what to do to make this test work for you.

A/B split test is nothing but a way to find out what ad text or a landing page’s is more appealing to your target audience. A/B split test usually is something like this:

  1. The control landing page or ad text is created – the control page;
  2. A visitor heads to this page with some sale offer or ad text;
  3. Our experts analyze traffic data to this control page;
  4. We start an A/B split test by creating one or few more versions of the control page that is practically identical but has at least 1 element changed;
  5. From this point users who visit the website or ad campaign’s page will be equally split (randomly) between two or more versions;
  6. The results of traffic are thoroughly studied to find out which ad text of landing page has the highest conversion rate.

A/B split testing by Seomarket – the best investment to your online business!

A/B split testing is a very time-consuming technique that is basically outsourced. Our specialists will save your time required for other business purposes and do all this work for you. Besides we already have a good strategy that allows changing parameters during A/B split testing that can really impact on traffic data and conversion rate.  To prevent yourself from running your PPC campaigns with low ROI (return on investments) caused by several unsuccessful A/B split tests, use the experienced help to get successful testing results at once.

Call us now and we’ll run an A/B split testing for you in the best possible way so you could easily predict your visitors’ behavior and get higher conversion rates.