Improve PPC Campaigns Using Conversion Tracking

Seomarket offers the professional consulting and management for a sufficient conversion tracking of your PPC campaigns arranged through Google AdWords. In order to explain the importance of profound conversion tracking managed by licensed experts we’ll answer 2 simple questions:

1. Why to use the professional conversion tracking?
Everyone knows that PPC campaigns won’t work well without conversion tracking tools installed. However, not everyone is capable to set up these tools properly in order to estimate the efficacy of their AdWords campaigns. That is when Seomarket experts can offer their services. Licensed professionals can set up conversion tracking quickly and wisely so you could track how effective your campaigns are and what to do to improve their conversion results. In other words, we can help to analyze the success rate of your ad campaigns and if you want to give recommendations on efficacy improvement.

With professional conversion tracking offered by Seomarket experts you will always know:

  • What ads make you money and what keywords bring the most of target audience;
  • Thanks to split-tests you’ll get to know what exactly your customer is looking for in ads;
  • What products are worth advertising for certain audience and what not;

Conversion tracking by Seomarket stands for a professional testing platform of your ad campaigns. Thanks to it, you’ll get a detailed insight into visitor behavior and will be able to invest money only in successful ad campaigns to give your target customer what he really wants.

2. How does Seomarket manage PPC conversion tracking?
Conversion tracking seems pretty simple to install. Basically all is required is to install few code lines into the website’s HTML. However, only an experienced webmaster along with the support of the licensed Google AdWords specialists can manage to analyze all references of conversion tracking to find out loops and lacks in your ad campaigns. There are many AdWords metrics you will be able to track by means of our services.

The most popular metrics worth tracking are:

  • Conversion Types- reflects the number of purchases, leads, sign-ups, etc.
  • Average Value – shows the average effectiveness rate of all conversions;
  • Conversion rate – is a total number of all conversions divided by total amount of all ad clicks;
  • Cost Per Conversion – explains the costs of every conversion;
  • Transaction Reports – shows all major and minor transactions caused by a single conversion event.

To measure sales, traffic leads and other actions related to your PPC campaigns request for a professional conversion tracking from Seomarket experts. Call us now and we will thoroughly analyze your ad campaigns to find out how to make them even more successful.